Just because the game is free, doesn’t mean it’s worthless; on the contrary, video and online games are the only exception to this rule. It is easier to find a decent flash game online for free then a good PC / console game for $20-40. Sounds unbelievable right? Which is why we’ve prepared 5 unique flash games to prove that. Obviously, you shouldn’t expect anything crazy like stunning graphics and soundtracks for flash games, to measure how to good the game is we use the universal criteria – gameplay process. According to professional gamers, critics and enthusiast, gameplay overweighs all other criteria put together. In other words, everyone agrees, no matter how fancy looking graphics game has or stunning soundtracks and awesome control mechanism, if the player doesn’t enjoy the game process – this game sucks. Just think about it for a second, people still play 30 years old games like River Raid and Pac Man because of awesome gameplay…

Choosing between genres wasn’t easy, people have individual game preferences, so we have decided to publish 5 game reviews with mixed genres. And cover more games in next publications. This is list of top 5 free online flash games we are going to talk about in this post:

1.      Worlds Hardest Game (also known as Scary Maze Game; difference between WHG and SMG and also variations)

Genre – skill game / internet prank

Worlds Hardest Game

2.      Troll Face Quest (the first game from Troll Face series)

Genre – Puzzle game / lol game

Troll Face Quest

3.      Space Punk Racer (Future themed, Sci-Fi racing game)

Genre – Racing game / ATV

Space Punk Racer

4.      SAS Zombie Assault 3 (Excellent shooter by Ninja Kiwi website)

Genre – Shooting / Zombies

SAS Zombie Assault 3

5.      Kingdom Rush (The best tower defense game by Armor Games)

Genre – Tower Defense / Strategy

Kingdom Rush


The games above represent the best of its genre; It is likely that you already know about one of these games but it is also likely that you will like rest of the games too, despite the genre preferences. There may be one exception though, Worlds Hardest Game is definitely not for everyone. As the title implies, the game is really hard, and it takes some skills to even beat level 1, however, you’ll be delighted to know about Scary Maze Game, which is not hard at all and no matter what games you prefer or even if you don’t like games at all, you will find it interesting.