Kingdom RushIf you play games at you probably already know Kingdom Rush since the website has been featuring this game for a really long time, there is even a paid version of the game unlocking extra levels, extra items, spells and all the other good stuff (paid version costs $5). Nonetheless, Armor Games is really proud of this game, pro gamers, online gamers, enthusiasts, game critics, everyone agrees Kingdom Rush is THE best tower defense game ever made on flash platform, at least until 2013.

Sequel is coming too, Kingdom Rush 2 is about to be released by Armor Games in first quarter of 2013, and if you like strategy games, you will definitely become a fan of this excellent TD game.

About Kingdom Rush

Medieval / Fantasy themed world, orcs, goblins, necromancers, archers and knights, gargoyles and that kind of stuff we are used to see in RPG games, all of this and a lot more awaits you in Kingdom Rush. Everything you used to do in good old Blizzard Tower Defense mixed with Cursed Treasure Tower Defense = Kingdom Rush; this means, there is a perfect balance in levels, monster levels and abilities, and also the ability learn skills and spells and build a class like in normal RPG.  Besides the levels, there are stars to collect in the game, simply beating the level will give you 1 star, completing level with almost perfect results, gives you 2 stars and flawless victory (which would mean not letting a single foe to run away) gives you 3 stars. Stars like skill points in RPG games, you need starts to learn new skills and upgrade the ones you already know. There are 62 skill points in total. There are extra levels in the game but some of them can be unlocked in paid version. However, there is one extra level you can unlock by beating all scenario levels. Kingdom Rush is an excellent strategy / Tower Defense Game, highly recommended for everyone.