SAS Zombie Assault 3Like shooting games or Zombie Games? Go for SAS Zombie Assault 3 by Ninja Kiwi website. And if you like both, like zombie killing games, there is no better game than SAS. There is also a SAS Tower Defense on Ninja Kiwi website, which is also very nice, but since we already had TD review let’s stick with the Assault 3.

First thing to say about SAS 3 is the game dynamics, it is like mega hardcore, we’ll talk about that little later; the second thing is the quality of the game, character details, game world, model graphics, art work, sound effects; all of these are perfect in SAS 3. Considering there is nothing original in the game, like it’s just a zombie shooting game, it’s the little details and factors above that make SAS 3 one of the best shooting games on the net (flash of course).

Now about the game dynamics; You see, unlike stupidly standing or running around without any purpose and shooting stuff, player has can do some defensive work and fix the doors broken by zombies. You are somewhere in the woods, old abandoned house, alone… zombies are breaking in from all sides, you shoot them off through the windows but zombies are also breaking in through the doors. With each hit, doors take damage and eventually break, repairing doors asap improves your defense, making it harder to corner you. You get the picture right? SAS 3 is awesome, you should definitely give it a try, even though it’s a bit old.

One last thing about SAS 3, we never actually test it but according to game description, SAS 3 can be played in multiplayer mode, which is something we don’t see often in flash games. There are some other bonuses too if you register at Ninja Kiwi Website.