Space Punk RacerMost people agree that racing games genre and flash platform don’t really go well together, but every rule has an exception; Space Punk Racer is one of them. But not everything is that simple, SPR is a slightly different kind of racing game then we all are used to. It has nothing in common with games like Need for Speed or Test Drive etc. In fact, there are no cars or bikes as we know it in the game; only fictional prototypes of future bikes… Everything else in the game is also futuristic, the tracks, the music, game design and even the gameplay process. Also, when it comes down to the gameplay of racing games, they are all alike. Space Punk Racer on the other hand is unique, it has different rules, different gameplay and objectives. Uniqueness of the game is not the only thing about SPR; this may be hard to believe but you can actually feel the speed in the game, which is something rare when it comes to flash gaming. Looks like game developer has spent weeks if not months working on this effect and it worked.

The game is kind of hardcore, there’s even a substitute for a nitro and tons of other powerups in the game. What makes the gameplay so fun is how player uses "nitro”. Nitro can be picked up on the way and by pressing according button, player accelerates for a long period of time; But, if you collide with other objects, (opponents or walls or anything else on the road) effect of nitro will stop and you will have to pick it up again. Excellent mix of speed and control kind of makes the game more fun exciting. The key to the victory is in using nitro long as possible without crushing into something that is the only way to beat the opponents in farther levels.