Troll Face QuestWhat is the primary skill we depend on solving puzzles? All of us and some of us without even knowing it, use logic to solve a puzzle, in reality and in puzzle games. Troll Face Quest is probably the only puzzle games in which the logic is useless, which is exactly what makes this game so awesome. Here is another interesting thing about TFQ: Usually, when logic fails, people start paying attention to small details, and sometimes observation can compensate the lack of logic but guess what; observation is also useless in Troll Face or rather, well for most levels that is. TrollFace Quest is a first decent game from Stickman flash games series after the really long break.

To actually beat the Troll Face Quest, you are going to need all your logic, observation, luck and thinking out of the box skills and even all this may not be enough to beat it. No need to worry though, there is always a magic button for a walkthrough, could even watch walkthrough videos on YouTube if you like to; however the charm of this game when you beat it yourself.

Almost forgot about the main characteristics of the game, it’s funny. Even if you keep failing 24/7 you are gonna laugh a lot. The game theme, parodies, voice overs, drawing and artwork – simply amazing. Parodies are especially good: while the parody subjects are kind of old, like Matrix and Saw, they fit the game just fine.

There are more series from Troll Face Quest, but the original game is the best, though you can always visit the developer’s website to play more Troll Face games. Anyway, have fun playing Troll Face Quest, we recommend not using walkthrough to fully enjoy the game.