Worlds Hardest Game

Worlds Hardest GameFirst of all, this is the actual name, don’t assume they call it Worlds Hardest because it’s hard. But is it even playable and more importantly is it enjoyable? This depends on what you’re after; if you like skill games, it doesn’t matter how hard it is, the game is more than likable. Finding pattern to each task and then finding way to complete it is a pure pleasure. However, keep in mind that 90% of players find this game impossible to beat and with a good reason. Like it has been mentioned above, there is a substitute game to the Worlds Hardest Game called Scary Maze Game, so if you find it too hard, go with the scary maze game instead. There is no real connection between these two games, it’s just the people online for some reason associate these two with each other. Like, if you’ve heard of WHG, in all likelihood you also know about scary maze game and vise-versa.

So what can be so interesting about SMG? To best describe it, it’s not even a game, however, if you don’t know SMG, we recommend skipping this post, instead you should play the game itself. But if you already know about SMG, you will find more interesting games like scary maze game on the same website – this means there are more games with same scary effect that don’t look like SMG, which is a good chance you prank on your friends even if they already know about SMG. Like for example you could go for the Bubble Wrap Maniac or Shakey McGee, or Vision Deficiency Test, none of these 3 games look like SMG but all of them serve the same purpose. More importantly, unlike original smg sequels, none of these 3 games involve suspicious worlds in title, which makes it a lot easier to achieve the goal and do it effectively.